Ak Bars Kazan wins the Continental Cup
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The plate goes the second time to Russia after Ak Bars’ 6-2 win against Riga 2000[more]

Ak Bars captain Alexei Morozov happily shows the Continental Cup plate and his gold medal. Photo: Zigismunds Zalmanis
RIGA, Latvia - Favourite Ak Bars Kazan did what most had been expecting: three wins and grabbing the Continental Cup plate at the Super Final in Latvia’s capital Riga.

After having gained six points against Kazzinc-Torpedo of Kazakhstan (2-1) and AaB Aalborg of Denmark (4-1), the... [more]

Aalborg’s surprise is Riga’s silver

Danes were surprising silver candidate Kazzinc-Torpedo with a 5-3 win[more]

Riga 2000 head coach Normunds Sejejs gets silver from the tournament's chairman Hans Dobida. Photo: Zigismunds Zalmanis
RIGA, Latvia - Kazzinc-Torpedo did not use its opportunity to win silver by gaining points against Aalborg. The Kazakhs lost 5-3 and had to be happy that the Danes did not grab... [more]

Three teams in run for the plate

Kazzinc-Torpedo beat Riga 2000 4-3[more]

RIGA, Latvia - Hosts Riga 2000 lost their first game at the Continental Cup... [more]



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