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2013 IIHF Guide & Record Book

Bigger and better than last year, the new 2013 IIHF Guide & Record Book is now in print and available for hockey fans around the world!

And for fans in Canada eagerly anticipating the World Juniors, it has never been easier since the book is available in Chapters/Indigo stores across the country.

Fans from everywhere in the world can buy a copy through www.IIHF.com.

The IIHF Guide & Record Book is also available on DVD and as a package. And this year it includes a six-page supplement for what could become the biggest Women's World Championship ever in April 2013 in Ottawa.

The 2013 edition of the IIHF Guide & Record Book includes every tournament participation for every country and every year, right from the most important Olympics down to Division III, IV, and V of any category with all current or former countries from Andorra to Yugoslavia.

Active and Retired Players sections for men and women include every player to appear in even a single game game of the top level since international hockey first took hold in 1920. As well, the huge and revealing head-to-head results section has been updated, as has been every other section in the book, which now runs to 597 pages. In all, more than 12,000 players are included, as well as every coach, every referee, and every linesman.

The book includes records for all levels of top competition, notably the Olympics (men and women), the World Championships (men and women), the World U20 Championship, and the World U18 Championships (men and women). As well, all information for the Summit Series (1972), Canada Cup (1976-91), and World Cup of Hockey (1996-2004) is included.

None of this information is available anywhere else, and fans can get the official version right here, right now! The IIHF has been the governing body for international hockey since its founding in 1908.

For questions about the Media Guide & Record Book and for special rates for five or more books (please indicate the country, province (CAN) or state (USA) of destination), please contact webmaster@iihf.com.

CHF 29 (approx. €23, $32) excluding shipping cost.
within Europe: from CHF 25 (approx. €20)
anywhere else: from CHF 33 (approx. €26, $37)

CHF 15 (approx. €12, $17) excluding shipping cost.
within Europe: from CHF 4 (approx. €3)
anywhere else: from CHF 5 (approx. €4, $6)

CHF 35 (approx. €28, $38) excluding shipping cost.
within Europe: from CHF 25 (approx. €20)
anywhere else: from CHF 33 (approx. €26, $37)

Note: older editions are available for a special price on bottom of this page.

Important: The "Europe" rate includes all European countries including whole Russia and Turkey, excluding: overseas territories, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan. For the latter areas please use the "World" rate.

To order the book, please select the appropriate option and click on the "Buy Now" button to advance to the payment system. You can pay with major credit cards, a PayPal account and for some countries there are additional options offered by PayPal.

Order the printed book here:

Price including postage and packing

Order the DVD version here:

Price including postage and packing

Order the Package (Book+DVD) here:

Price including postage and packing

Discounted 2012 editions

A few books and DVDs from the 2012 edition are still available and can be ordered for a discounted price below.

2012 edition of the printed book:

Price including postage and packing

2012 edition of the DVD:

Price including postage and packing

2012 edition package (Book+DVD):

Price including postage and packing

Shipping Disclaimer

After your order has been placed, processed and payment approved, your product (books and DVDs) will ship via common carrier freight unless otherwise specified. The terms and conditions of the respective postal operators apply.

According to Swiss Law, the IIHF cannot be made liable for delayed, damaged or lost shipments from the moment handing over the product to the respective post company. If you prefer your order to be sent by registered and insured mail, please select the respective option. Please note that eventual duties and taxes by the country of the recipient are beyond the control of the IIHF which cannot assume responsibility for such charges.

Online Track & Tracing for registered and insured mail is only offered for the following countries by Swiss Post: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland.

The Book

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