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Watch the Super Final

All Continental Cup games broadcast live

ZURICH/ROUEN – All games of the 2014 IIHF Continental Cup Super Final in Rouen, France, can be watched live.

The Rouen Dragons in partnership with Dailymotion offer a live stream for all six games of the tournament held from 10 to 12 January. Games can be watched for €1.99 per game.

The stream was organized to offer fans who didn’t get a ticket and fans from abroad who can’t travel to France the chance to watch the games. Tickets for Saturday and Sunday are already sold out.

In Ukraine all games of Donbass Donetsk will be broadcast by Xsport.

Defending champion Donbass Donetsk, host Rouen Dragons, Asiago Hockey and the Stavanger Oilers will play in the final tournament.

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