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The International Ice Hockey Federation is pleased to introduce the updated version of the IIHF Officiating Procedures Manual (OPM) on June 15, 2009. This manual has been updated by the IIHF Officiating Committee in co-operation with the IIHF Office. In the new version you will find tips for game officials regarding different items of officiating. The updated OPM contains the materials and tips combined from different IIHF championships and events including the World Championships which have been collected by IIHF referee supervisors. Section “Positioning” contains the adjustments due to the rule changes which will come into effect from July 1, 2009.

The material will be interesting for game officials of different levels, national association referee-in-chiefs, national association instructors and all people who want to become a game official or who want to improve their skills.

The IIHF Officials Procedures Manual is available for all game officials to reference as a guide at games. Download the full version (PDF, 10.8 MB) or click on the sections below.






After operating the Four-Man Officiating system at the Continental Cup, European Champions Cup and the World U20 Championship at the start of the 2008 season; and taking into consideration that some nations will begin to use this officiating system in the near future and at the 2008 World Championship, the IIHF has published a Procedures Manual for the Four-Man system. The manual contains some procedures and guidelines that were implemented in the above mentioned IIHF events. This material should be useful for officiating staff members in the various countries that are looking at implementing the Four-Man system and the Directors of Officiating of national leagues and also the IIHF Game Officials.


OPM - 4-Man Officiating System





The IIHF updated measurement standards for goaltender's equipment, which affect goalies primarily from the waist down. These equipment standards are written in the spirit of 'fair play' and are a supplement to the IIHF Rule Book.


If at any time the IIHF feels that this spirit is being abused, the offending equipment will be deemed ineligible for play until a hearing has ruled on its eligibility.

IIHF Goaltender Equipment Measurement Procedure (updated 11 Dec. 2012)

IIHF Goaltender Measurement Standards (updated Nov. 2017)





Since the 1999-2000 season, the IIHF has worked to improve the quality of the game and the safety of the players while ensuring that the contests are played within the rules governing the sport to promote the positive image of hockey, and to give the opportunity for players to use their skills for the benefit of fans to witness great performances on the ice.


Each year, the IIHF has prodeuced an IIHF Rules Emphasis Bulletin, highlighting the rules which we should focus on in order to acheive this goal. The bulletins are written for the benefit of our game officials, players and coaches participating in IIHF competitions.


2009-2010 Rule Emphasis Bulletin
IIHF Officiating Standard
IIHF Officiating Standard - hits along the board, slashing, spearing (updated July 2012)
IIHF Faceoff Standard (updated October 2017)





Click here to watch the high-definition video in a new window.

Click here to watch the high-definition video in a new window.


The IIHF Game Officials' Handbook was created to help game officials prepare to officiate at IIHF competitions.


A game official must be prepared mentally and physically for a demanding but enjoyable schedule of hockey games and activities. Officials should be in excellent physical condition and fully prepared to perform at the highest level.


Once a game official confirms his/her participation in an event, it is suggested that they contact their national association to discuss their particular assignment with the Referee-in-Chief, and that they visit the IIHF web site www.iihf.com to learn more about the specific competition.


Game Officials Handbook (updated 20 Nov. 2017)





This publication is intended to provide suggested structures, personnel, responsibilities and procedures for the operation of a hockey game by the assigned Off-Ice Officials. We believe that this publication will be useful to Member National Association (MNA’s), leagues, clubs and organizers operating games under the jurisdiction of a member national association. As such, any MNA, league or club can alter any portion of this document to conform to their own needs and purposes.

The Off-Ice Officials’ Handbook provides guidelines for the responsibilities, duties and procedures to be followed and applied for a Scorekeeper, a Timekeeper, an Announcer, the Goal Judges and the Penalty Box Attendants.

The responsibilities, duties and procedures for the Off-Ice Officials assigned to an IIHF competition are contained in separate documentation that is available from the IIHF Office.


Off-Ice Officials Handbook (Jan. 2015)





IIHF Officiating Development Program

In order to assist member national associations (MNAs) in working out their national associations’ officiating development program, the IIHF Sport Department in co-operation with the IIHF Officiating Committee and with national associations that have already collected vast experience in running such programs, launch this new section that will deal with publications devoted to officiating development. Materials put under this section will be interesting for the national associations’ officiating staff, instructors and all persons who are in charge of on-ice game officials development.

Certification National Association Game Officials
National Association Game Officials Supervision Program
Planning National Association Officiating Seminar

Physical Profile Top On-Ice OfficialsPhysical Profile Top On-Ice Officials

What is the physical profile of a top on-ice official? What kind of training plans should be utilized by the on-ice official in order to reach the parameters of a top IIHF on-ice official regarding physical conditioning?

In order to answer on these questions, the IIHF Sport Department in cooperation with the scientists and specialists of the BASPO (Federal Office of Sport Switzerland) in Magglingen, Switzerland, worked out a special program for testing top IIHF on-ice officials to collect appropriate data. The test period included 3 years during which the group of the top IIHF on-ice officials (referees and linesmen) annually went through designed tests which simulates the work of the of the on-ice officials during the game.

Body mass, sprints and agility, specific endurance and trunk strength were selected as main based parameters of the physical profile.

The scientific group summarized the results of each individual and worked out mean values and target values of body mass, sprints and agility, endurance and trunk strength of top on-ice official.

Based on worked out physical profile the specialists from BASPO suggest the training program and exercises which should be utilized by the on-ice officials in order to reach established parameters.

Click here to download the full document

Public Announcer Script

The IIHF Public Announcer Script is a manual for the announcers at all IIHF events. Please click on the link below to download and print the manual.


IIHF Public Announcer Script




Assistance for national association instructors

In order to assist national association instructors in ice testing of their game officials, the IIHF Sport Department in co-operation with the IIHF Officiating Committee published documents concerning ice testing of the game officials.


IIHF Skating Skills Testing

Ice Test Results - Standards for time (men)

IIHF 4 Man System Test - Description




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