IIHF Study on Europeans in North America

The International Ice Hockey Federation has completed a study based on research of European trained players signed by National Hockey League clubs or their affiliated clubs and of European juniors recruited by the Canadian Hockey League (major junior clubs).

A summary of the study was presented to the IIHF Member Federations at the IIHF Semi-Annual Congress in Athens on September 28 and the full study, as well as its summary, was provided to the federations on October 10. To read the complete stud or a summary, please, click on the link below.


IIHF Study on Europeans in North America

Brief summary of IIHF Study on Europeans in North America



IIHF Learn to Play Manuals

The IIHF Learn to Play Manuals are guides that coaches eventually can view from this website and use at their discretion. Click here to download the Learn to Play PDF.



The International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence

The International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence (IIHCE) was established in 2003 in cooperation between the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, Vierumaki – The Sport Institute of Finland (Vierumäki) and the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The IIHCE is physically located on the campus of the Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumaki, about 130 km north of Helsinki.

The IIHCE develops the game of ice hockey through research and education. New educational material is continuously created by the IIHCE, the material consists of manuals, videos, lectures, instructional guides, as well as drills and skills for on-ice and off-ice practices. The material can be freely and for no costs accessed by anyone after registration. The IIHCE also organized hockey training camps, international conferences, seminars and tournaments to promote ice-hockey awareness to the wider public.

Degree Programme students from the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences are actively involved in producing up-to-date and modern materials for the IIHCE as well as working in cooperation projects between the IIHF and the IIHCE. These projects enable the students to “learn by doing” in a practical working environment.




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