China 1-China 2 (April 13)

China I 13 – China II 1

It was a little sister to challenge big sister in the last game of the preliminary round with China I playing against China II. The game had mostly honour at stake as China I already secured its place in the final and China II was known to meet DPR Korea in the bronze medal game.
But, as it says, little ones are often tough seemed to be the story this time as China II hang on full 13 minutes before Jin Fenglin was able to take China I to the lead. At 16:40 Ma Rui extended the lead in two goals after first period which was modest start for the game considering that China I had 33 shots on goal against two from their challenger.
In second period, the game stayed under the control of China I. The team scored three goals within the first 11 minutes in the period to get a safe lead of five goals. Although the pressure stayed at their defensive end, China II was able to shorten the score at 35:35 with Kong Minghui sending one past Han Danni, who had only nine shots on her goal during the first two periods, compared to 57 shots at Jia Dandan. Four minutes later China I answered with a goal from Sun Rui to make it 6-1 after second period.

There was not much intensity left for third period which began with a quick goal from Zhang Ben after a minute of play and some more followed to reach a final score of 13-1 prior to the gold medal game against Japan.

Photos: Qu Dexin


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