Gold: Japan - Korea 3-2

Like the year before it was Japan and Korea to match out the winner for the IIHF University Challenge Cup of Asia. Looking to get things even, Korea started strong taking a hold on to the cup with the goals from the directorate’s choice as the best defenceman, Hyunggon Cho, and Sungjun Lee. Not new to being trailing against Korea early in the game, Japan started making a comeback attempt with goals from Kotaro Yamada at 19:32 and the Directorate’s best forward, Yokuto Takami, who capitalized on a power play at 1:47 of the second period. Japan’s offensive efforts paid off for the third time only four minutes later when Junya Yamada gained the lead for Japan for the first time in the game. Outshooting the opponent 30-6 in the second and 13-7 in the third period, Japan remained in control not giving too many opportunities for Korea to steal the cup. The Japanese claimed the title again backed up by the flawless performance of the Directorate’s best goalkeeper, Ren Yamaguchi.

Game Sheet

Photos: Luo Linna


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