DEL president passes away

German hockey in mourning after death of Gerd Schröder

FRANKFURT – Gerd Schröder, the president of Germany’s top league DEL and its club Frankfurt Lions, passed away Wednesday night at the age of 49 after a  severe case of pneumonia. He didn’t convalesce after having suffered a stroke in May.

Schröder was the majority owner of the Frankfurt Lions and was chairing the DEL board since 1998.

“With Gerd Schröder, we have not only lost an important mastermind of the DEL but also a good friend and a longtime companion. Gerd Schröder always understood how to bring the different interests of the clubs to a common denominator,” said Gernot Tripcke, the CEO of the league.

“It’s a human drama and a tough situation for our club. We’ll be playing for Gerd Schröder this season,” said Frankfurt Lions manager Bernd Kress, who excluded that the club could suffer financial problems resulting from Schröder's hasty death.

Jürgen Arnold (ERC Ingolstadt) will be interim chairman on the DEL board, Herbert Frey (Sinupret Ice Tigers Nuremberg) will serve as deputy chairman.




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