World Women’s back to eight teams

Two teams to be relegated in Hämeenlinna

ZURICH – The World Women’s Championship will go back to eight teams after the 2009 World Women’s Championship in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Currently the World Women’s Championship is played with nine teams seeded into three groups due to the cancellation of the 2003 World Women’s Championship in China after the SARS epidemic. No team was relegated that year but one team was promoted from Division I which resulted in a new format with nine teams for the following years.

To ensure a more sporting format, the IIHF Council agreed to revert back and to operate with eight teams in two groups with the next World Women’s Championship, to be held in the 2010-2011 season. (There’s no World Women’s Championship during Olympic years.)

This means that two teams will be relegated at the 2009 World Women’s Championship in Hämeenlinna.

At the 2009 World Women’s Championship Division I in Graz, Austria, one team will be promoted to the top division while two teams will be relegated to Division II.

Only one team will be relegated to Division III at the 2009 World Women’s Championship Division II in Torre Pellice, Italy.

All teams not competing this season in the cancelled Divisions III, IV and V will be moved down one seeding position to allow this correction of the system.

The seeding for the lower division for 2011 will be:

Division III: Team relegated from Division II, Australia, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Hungary.

Division IV: Iceland, Korea, New Zealand, Romania, Estonia, South Africa.

Division V: Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland.




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