Where to go in 2010

Netherlands, Slovenia to host Division I in 2010

BERNE - The IIHF Annual Congress on Saturday allocated several of the 2010 World Championship events on all levels.

Some notable championships that were previously allocated include the 2010 IIHF World U20 Championship (Saskatoon & Regina, Canada), the 2010 Olympics (Vancouver, Canada), and the 2010 IIHF World Championship (Cologne & Mannheim, Germany).

2010 IIHF Championship Program

Division I, Group A – Tilburg, Netherlands, April 19-25
Division I, Group B – Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 24-30

Division II, Group A – TBA, Mexico, Date TBA
Division II, Group B – TBA, Estonia, Date TBA

Division III, Group A – Athens, Greece, April 3-11 (Tentative)
Division III, Group B – Yerevan, Armenia, Date TBA

U20 Division I, Group A – Briancon, France, December 14-20 (2009)
U20 Division I, Group B – TBA, Poland, December 14-20 (2009)

U20 Division II, Group A – TBA, Hungary, December 13-19 (2009)
U20 Division II, Group B – Narva, Estonia, December 12-18 (2009)

U20 Division III – Istanbul, Turkey, January 4-10

U18 Top Division – Minsk, Belarus, Date TBA

U18 Division I, Group A – TBA, Applicant: Denmark
U18 Division I, Group B – TBA, Poland, March 21-27

U18 Division II, Group A – Tallinn, Estonia, March 13-19
U18 Division II, Group B – TBA

U18 Division III, Group A – TBA, Turkey, March 9-14
U18 Division III, Group B – TBA

U18 Women’s Top Division – Chicago, USA, March 27 – April 3

NOTE: There are no women’s senior championships in an Olympic year.



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