Germany in Canada’s way

USA, Sweden, Russia, Finland receive bye into quarterfinals


Canada plays Germany for the Qualification Playoffs on Tuesday at Canada Hockey Place. Photo: Martin Merk

VANCOUVER – Following the last game of the preliminary round, the match-ups for the qualification playoffs and the quarterfinals have been determined.

The four best teams – the three group winners and the second-place team with the best record – receive a bye into the quarterfinals: USA, Sweden, Russia and Finland. The remaining eight teams will fight for the four remaining quarterfinal berths in the qualification playoffs.

The seeding is based on the overall standings.

Qualification Playoffs on Tuesday, February 23:

Switzerland (8) vs. Belarus (9), 12:00, Canada Hockey Place
Canada (6) vs. Germany (11), 16:30, Canada Hockey Place
Czech Republic (5) vs. Latvia (12), 19:00, UBC Thunderbird Arena
Slovakia (7) vs. Norway (10), 21:00, Canada Hockey Place

Quarterfinals on Wednesday, February 24:

USA (1) vs. Switzerland/Belarus
Sweden (2) vs. Slovakia/Norway
Russia (3) vs. Canada/Germany
Finland (4) vs. Czech Rep./Latvia

Note: While the Olympic men’s ice hockey tournament takes a break on Monday, the women’s semi-finals USA-Sweden (12:00) and Canada-Finland (17:00) will be played at Canada Hockey Place. At the UBC Thunderbird Arena, Switzerland and Russia (19:00) will play for fifth place, and China and Slovakia (14:00) for seventh place.




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