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USA coach Ron Wilson and Canada coach Mike Babcock at the post-game press conference. Photo: Matthew Manor / HHOF-IIHF Images

VANCOUVER – Canada’s thrilling 3-2 overtime win closes out the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Postgame reactions from both teams provide further insight into what was the best game of the tournament. Sidney Crosby (forward, Canada)
To see the way that building was tonight and the passion Canadians have for hockey and everything in general, it's a ton of pride. We're proud to represent that. (on allowing the late goal) It wasn't a good feeling. You go through those scenarios in the past, and just try to use that experience and bounce back. There's nothing you can do. You can't dwell on it. There's still a chance to win. We just tried to regroup during the intermission. (on the goal) When you get your chance, you try to make the most of it, and fortunately it went in. I saw him get a step on his guy and I just tried to let him know where I was and go for the net. I didn’t think he would know I was there. He made a great little pass down low and I just threw it at the net. In overtime you get tired but he just muscled the guy and won the one on one battle and I capitalized on him. I didn’t even see it go in the net, I just heard everyone screaming. I shot it but couldn’t see where it went. (on representing Canada) Every kid dreams of this opportunity (to score the game winning goal in the Olympics) and any guy in that room could have done it. Doing it in Canada is the opportunity of a lifetime. You dream of that moment a thousand times growing up. Duncan Keith (defenceman, Canada)
There's pressure, especially when it's in your country and everybody's watching. Here in Canada, knowing the whole country is counting on us, I feel like it's made me a better, more poised player. The Americans had chances too. Seeing that goal go in, we were just excited knowing we won. Jarome Iginla (forward, Canada) (on the goal) He was yelling for it and I hoped that I wasn’t too late. When he scored I saw everyone cheering and I could not believe it. I didn’t see where he put it I just saw everyone jumping around. It was awesome. He yelled for it. We talked all tournament about communicating as a line and that if he’s open. He let me know there he was screaming. He was yelling pretty urgently. It was great to see him get it. Guys are trying to shut him down all the time and glad he got that chance. (on representing Canada) I am very proud to be part of this Olympics and part of this team to join the women in winning gold. I am really proud of joining the other Canadian athletes in winning a gold medal. Eric Staal (forward, Canada) There was definitely pressure, but our management and coaching staff did a great job of putting us in a bubble. They got us to focus on getting better as a group and improving as the tournament went on. We got better every single game. We just focused on what we needed to do and played our system and got the right result in the end. (about refocusing for overtime) We've got so many guys that have been through the Stanley Cups, Game Sevens, situations like that. We knew we just had to get back at it. There's nothing you can do. It's in the past. Obviously it was tough to give up that goal. At the end of the third, we just said: “It's going to feel even better when we win it in overtime.” I'm sure it did for every Canadian out there. I think the atmosphere here in Canada, with the whole country watching, was pretty awesome. It'll sink in the next few days, when you talk to your friends and family and find out where they were and what they were doing. I'm sure everyone's out in the streets with flags in the air. It's something you'll remember forever. Ryan Getzlaf (forward, Canada) (on the U.S. tying goal) That was a disappointing way to end that game. With 24 seconds left, we were obviously celebrating. But our guys did a great job of believing and staying poised. (on getting to play) I was fortunate enough that the hockey gods blessed me to get that foot better and get into the tournament. That's Sid for you. There's a reason he's the best hockey player in the world. He shows up in those big moments and gets those big goals. Mike Richards (forward, Canada) (on the crowd) It was exciting. You could feel the waves on the bench. It was so high, and I think they got a little nervous in the third period. But they've been ecstatic throughout the tournament. It's probably the loudest building I've been in. The winning goal happened so quickly, and all of a sudden people were jumping off the bench. (on the first goal) The puck ended up on my stick and I threw it at the net. Really, I missed my shot, so that probably messed Miller up a little bit. Toews has been so good in there, and he went up on the rebound. Scott Niedermayer (defenceman, Canada) Who knows when my career will end? I'm probably not the right guy to ask about that. I've been wrong before. This was a fun two weeks. It's an intense, short tournament. Every player I've ever talked to wants to compete in the Olympics, especially on home soil. It's a unique opportunity. It was all I thought it would be, and I enjoyed it as much as I could. (on what he said after regulation) Lots of guys stepped up, and everybody kept their composure. We knew what we had to do: continue to go out and play our game, and just believe that it was going to happen. Roberto Luongo (goalkeeper, Canada) What people say, you can't control that. I have a gold medal, and that's what counts. (on Miller's feelings after losing a game like this) We've all been there. He played extremely well the whole tournament. Obviously there's got to be a winner and there's got to be a loser. He'll have his chance down the line, I'm sure. Jonathan Toews (forward, Canada) (asked to compare this to winning his first WJC title) Not even close. There's nothing that compares to this, how big it was, and beating a team like the USA. It's unbelievable. It doesn't get better than this. It's something that maybe comes once in a lifetime. They were fighting. They were finding ways to keep the puck in our zone. It was pretty shocking, with 24 seconds left on the clock. It's ticking down and you have a feeling: you know the net's empty, and we thought someone was going to finish it off and put the puck in that net. But they were relentless and found a way to score. We told one another in the locker room that someone was going to find a way somehow, and we did. (on Crosby) He's unbelievable. There's nothing that kid can't do, or hasn't already done. It's no coincidence he was the guy. He's a tremendous leader. Mike Babcock (coach, Canada)
On winning the Gold medal:
It’s just an unbelievable feeling. I can’t even describe having the city of Vancouver and the country behind us. It's a fine line to win. I thought the Americans were real good.

On playing Sidney Crosby despite in overtime offensive struggles during the tournament:
I thought Jarome Iginla and Sid would have a chance and in the end, obviously, they made a good play.
On how he feels about NHL players participating in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi:
I think the best players in the world should have a chance to play. That's what the Olympics are about.

Jamie Langenbrunner (forward, USA) (on losing the game) The sting of this loss is going to be there for a while. I appreciate what we did do and the fact that our team showed unbelievable character. We brought grit and heart and battle all tournament. Dustin Brown (forward, USA) A few years down the road we will be proud of it but not right now. We had good momentum and had one breakdown and they capitalized. He played well for us (Kesler). I played with him before and knew what he was all about. Joe Pavelski (forward, USA) The outcome was not great but the atmosphere was fun. The emotions were flowing when we tied the game. It was a desperation moment so it was great to see us get the goal and tie it. We knew it would come right now to the end. You want to be in that situation. Brooks Orpik (defenceman, USA) It hurts a little bit but when the dust settles and you have a chance to reflect I think this group will be pretty proud of what they accomplished. It is one of those games where someone has to lose. Unfortunately we were on the losing end. Without him (Miller) we would not be in the position we were in. Hopefully he is not taking too much pressure on himself. He played great from start to finish. (Sid) He is one of those guys who steps up his play when the game is on the line. He is opportunistic. You never want to lose but I am happy he got success. Brian Rafalski (defenceman, USA) It was a good tournament overall but we came up a little short. We were going to do that anyway. It does not matter who the goalie is. We were going to get as many chances as we could. Ron Wilson (coach, USA)
Canada played a great game, but at the same time I say that, I think we played an equally great game. It’s tough to lose a game that way. I couldn’t have asked for any more from our players. It’s just a shame that both teams couldn’t receive a gold medal here today.
On how he feels about NHL players participating in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi:
I hope the players, especially my group gets to go to Sochi.
On his team’s aggressive offensive style:
We have a group that skates very well so you can take chances. And we’re backed up by arguably the best goalie in the world. It is a fun way to play. A lot of teams in the NHL try to play that way.




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