Hockey Hall accepts treasure

72-series hero Ron Ellis puts golden puck on display


The next generation took in Crosby’s puck at the Hall of Fame. Photo: Scott Veber / HHoF

The puck with which Sidney Crosby scored the golden goal in Vancouver has arrived at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. It was ceremonially put on display by Ron Ellis, one of Team Canada’s 1972 Summit Series heroes.

A piece of Olympic pride – the puck Sidney Crosby fired to score the overtime goal against Team USA and give Canada the goal medal – was unveiled at the Hockey Hall of Fame on Wednesday.

Cheered on by a crowd of around 100 visitors, it was put on display into the Hall’s Olympic showcase by Ron Ellis, Paul Henderson’s linemate during the 1972 Summit Series and today Public Relations Director at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The puck is now in a permanent exhibit that features other hockey collectibles from the Vancouver games. It was shipped by the IIHF to the Hall last week.

“It’s just a small little puck, but it stands for much more,” Ellis said at the unveiling. “It brings back the excitement of when people watched the goal go into the net, spilling the popcorn.”

Ellis thanked the IIIHF and VANOC for donating the puck to the Hall of Fame.

“We’re really lucky because my boys and his teammates planned to come down on the very first day the puck is here,” James Coburn, 52, of Woodbridge said. “This is going to be history for hundreds of years. To be here on day one is kind of like another gold medal.”

“This actually brought me back to 1972 (when Canada played the Soviet Union in the eight-game series), because I thought when that Olympics puck went in, that must be what it was like for Paul Henderson to score that goal in 1972,” Coburn said.

Youngsters wearing oversized jerseys with Crosby’s name said seeing the puck was exciting and inspiring.

“It makes me feel motivated to play hockey even more,” said Frank Venditti, 11, who’s played for the Toronto Royals for three years. “When I play, I feel like I’m playing for Canada, so that when I get older, I can be motivated enough to play for Team Canada.”

Crosby, for his part, said the puck will be immortalized at the hall. “I am very happy that the puck is going to the Hockey Hall of Fame,” Crosby said.

– with files from Toronto Sun




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