Sarajevo Wolves first champion

First season in Bosnia and Herzegovina League ended

SARAJEVO – The Sarajevo Old Town Wolves became the first ice hockey champions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the last game of the best-of-three final series of the BiH Hockey League (BHL) playoffs, the Wolves beat the HK Bosna Center Foxes 3-2. It was a game that was packed with excitement until the last second.

The first game ended with a convincing 5-1 victory for the Wolves, but the Foxes managed to regroup, which resulted in a 2-1 win in the second game.

The third game was a display of the best Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer in ice hockey. It was a fair, physical and close game from the first to the last whistle of the international IIHF veteran referee, Mr. Ilic from Serbia. After the final game of the playoffs, Ilic commented that he was amazed by the level of ice hockey that was played, and that he is witnessing a tremendous and steady improvement on all levels.

During the short, three-month ice hockey season, the Bosnia and Herzegovina Ice Hockey Federation has organized the BHL, the Jaroslav Jandourek Cup, and the playoffs with three teams from Sarajevo. Besides the Wolves and the Foxes, the third team were the Alpha New Town Bears. The Jaroslav Jandourek Cup was won by the Foxes, which won three and tied one game of four that were played by each team in the Cup.

The fact that ice hockey is back in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the major subject of discussions and joy among sports fan circles in Sarajevo. The league and the 2010 Olympic Winter Games have carried forward the commitment of the dedicated hockey enthusiasts in the country.

The major efforts of the ice hockey federation were putting in this season for the development of young players, mainly concentrating on the age groups born 2002 to 2005, and 1996 to 2001.

The remaining challenge will be to keep the young players motivated until the city keeps its promise to return the Skenderia Ice Hall to ice sports, and normal conditions are provided for a year-round ability to provide training to all the young players which are interested in the sport of ice hockey.

From the Bosnia and Herzegovina Ice Hockey Federation




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