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Second World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend on 13/14 October


Over 4,000 girls took part in the first World Girls' Ice Hockey Weekend in 2011. Events in more than 20 countries on five continents will be held this year on 13/14 October - and more could come. Photo: SZLH

ZURICH – The second annual World Girls‘ Ice Hockey Weekend is only a month away! With over 20 nations and almost 200 separate events already committed to be part of the event, we are expecting to see thousands of girls of all ages getting a chance to try playing hockey.

Events will not only take place on the soil of traditional hockey superpowers, but also in many other places such as Argentina, Korea or Turkey.

For many girls it will be their first time holding a stick and we could see future Olympians getting their start.

Any national ice hockey association, league, club, or simply a group of people who just want to help grow the female game are welcome to register to hold an event.

When the initiative was launched last year, over 4,000 girls took part and countless smiles were seen around the world – we expect more of the same this year!

For more information and to register for the IIHF World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend on 13-14 October, go to

Be sure to follow the live action ticker coverage of the event when we see go pink to celebrate female hockey.

Click here to see the tracker and pictures from 2011.




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