2012-2016 Council elected

Seven new members on IIHF’s executive body


The newly elected IIHF Council for the new four-year term poses for a group photo in Tokyo. Photo: Martin Merk

TOKYO – The 2012 IIHF General Congress elected the new IIHF Council for a four-year term. Bob Nicholson, Thomas Wu, Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer, Vladislav Tretiak, Luc Tardif, Igor Nemecek and Henrik Bach Nielsen join the IIHF’s executive body as of 1st October.

The 13-person Council consists of one President, three Vice Presidents and nine other Council members that are elected by the General Congress every four years, as well as the General Secretary as a non-voting member.

René Fasel was re-elected as IIHF President by acclamation. Also for the three Vice Presidents representing three regions there was only one candidate each.

Kalervo Kummola was re-elected as Vice President representing the European and African members.

Bob Nicholson was elected as new Vice President for the Americas to succeed Murray Costello, who retired.

Thomas Wu was elected as new Vice President for Asia and Oceania. He replaces Shoichi Tomita, who retired.

In the first round to determine the nine other Council members two female members out of five candidates were elected to fulfil the statutes’ minimum number of female representation. Beate Grupp was re-elected for a third term and Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer joins as a new member.

The seven remaining Council members out of 13 female and male candidates were elected in a second round. Christer Englund, Tony Rossi and Frank Gonzalez were re-elected. Vladislav Tretiak, Luc Tardif, Igor Nemecek and Henrik Bach Nielsen were newly elected.

Fabio Oetterli (Switzerland) and Juraj Siroky (Slovakia) were elected as Auditors by acclamation.

IIHF Council 2012-2016
  • President: René Fasel (Switzerland, 62) re-elected by acclamation
  • Vice President (Europe/Africa): Kalervo Kummola (Finland, 66) re-elected by acclamation
  • Vice President (Americas): Bob Nicholson (Canada, 59) elected by acclamation
  • Vice President (Asia/Oceania): Thomas Wu (Hong Kong, 40) elected by acclamation
  • Member: Zsuzsanna Kolbenheyer (Hungary, 35), elected, 60 votes
  • Member: Beate Grupp (Germany, 47) re-elected, 59 votes
  • Member: Christer Englund (Sweden, 65), re-elected, 83 votes
  • Member: Vladislav Tretiak (Russia, 60), elected, 83 votes
  • Member: Tony Rossi (USA, 71), re-elected, 80 votes
  • Member: Frank Gonzalez (Spain, 56), re-elected, 68 votes
  • Member: Luc Tardif (France, 59), elected, 67 votes
  • Member: Igor Nemecek (Slovakia, 51), elected, 61 votes
  • Member: Henrik Bach Nielsen (Denmark, 46), elected, 56 votes
  • General Secretary: Horst Lichtner (Germany, 53)



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