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The participants of the regional coaching course in Bangkok are eager to learn this weekend - and the kids eager to play.

BANGKOK – As a part of the Asia 2022 Long-term Development Project, the IIHF Asian Office has started to train and educate national association instructors continuously and systematically for the next four years and according the IIHF Coach Development Program.

This weekend the first of two regional coaching courses of this season takes place in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok.

The IIHF Coach Development Program includes four educational levels and the various training courses contain topics in the eleven subject areas: Introduction, Leadership, Teaching/Learning, Organization and Planning, Communication, Physiology, Psychology, Technical, Tactical, Safety and Risk Management plus Rules and Regulations.

The course itself is a joint venture between the IIHF and the Ice Hockey Association of Thailand supported by the National Olympic Committee of Thailand.

For Thailand, where a new ice rink opened on the seventh floor of a shopping mall in downtown Bangkok just a few months ago, the course is a good opportunity as the interest and numbers of young children who want to play ice hockey has increased substantially.

“We are very happy to operate this Coaching Program in Bangkok. The Ice Hockey Association of Thailand put a lot of effort and energy in their programs. With the implementation of the Coaching Licence Program they make a very important step and it will develop the young athletes. Development starts at home,” said IIHF Vice President Thomas J. Wu.

After the Coaching Instructor Course in which the participating instructors get familiar with the IIHF Coaching Program, an additional 25 Coaches from Thailand will join the seminar and about 30 children will get the opportunity to experience the IIHF Learn to Play Program on the ice twice.

The program itself is also observed by professors and students from three different Sport Science Universities in Bangkok (Mahidol University, Srinakharinwirot University, Chulalongkorn University).

“This event is a very good and unique opportunity and kick-off for a program we have never had,” said Ice Hockey Association of Thailand and International Co-ordinator Wanchana Kasemsunt. “With the new ice rink in Bangkok and with our close co-operation with the IIHF we will now work on the basement and do our homework to provide a good environment for our players in the future.”

Thailand will be one more time in the spotlight this season as association will organize and host the 2013 IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia in March next year.





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