Nicholson leaves Hockey Canada

President/CEO steps down, stays in IIHF Council


Bob Nicholson announces his resignation at a press conference on Friday. Photo: Steve Poirier / HHOF

Bob Nicholson announced that he will step down as President and CEO of Hockey Canada effective 1st June.

Nicholson has worked for Hockey Canada since 1990 and prior to that for the British Columbia branch. In his position he was overseeing all elements of the organization, including hockey development programs, high performance programs, corporate sales and marketing, licensing, insurance and regulations, and communications.

During his 15 years as President/CEO, Canada has won seven Olympic gold medals in ice hockey and numerous gold medals in all categories of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship program.

Nicholson, 60, also played a leadership role in the staging of the 1999 Molson Open Ice Hockey Summit, the 2010 Molson Canadian World Hockey Summit and the implementation or growth of numerous development programs that came out of those events, such as the Hockey Canada Skills Academy program, the Initiation Program, teaching resources, safety and grassroots initiatives.

“As I look back we have done a lot in our organization and there’s still lots more to do but I think this is the perfect time for me to step down as President,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson, who was elected for a four-year term on the IIHF Council in 2012, also said that he will stay on with his role as IIHF Vice President and help Canadian and international ice hockey in this position.




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