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The new IIHF Rule Book is valid as of now and can be downloaded on

Many may not have noticed it since it’s summer in the northern hemisphere but at least formally the 2018/2019 ice hockey season has started on 1st July. And this brings with it a new IIHF Rule Book valid for the next four years.

The 2018-2022 IIHF Rule Book was approved at the last congresses and became valid on Sunday.

Here are some of the major rule changes:
  • Goal crease in IIHF competitions will be changed to match National Hockey League specifications
  • Team staff will be permitted use of electronic tablets on the bench for statistical and tagging purposes
  • Relaxed rules for goals scored when the net frame is displaced. As long as the posts are at least partially on the pegs then a goal will count if the puck crosses the goal line
  • Video goal review criteria will include goaltender interference
  • Goaltenders will be penalized for covering a puck in certain cases where they are able to play it
  • A late hit to a skater who is in a vulnerable position because of not being in control or possession of the puck anymore will be sanctioned with a minor or major penalty
  • A bodycheck before the opponent has received the puck will be sanctioned with a penalty for interference
  • Revised definitions for injury classification
Click here to download the new 2018-2022 IIHF Rule Book.




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