Tenth Hockey Development Camp

2011 IIHF Hockey Development Camp

Location: Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumäki, Finland
Dates: 2-10 July 2011

It’s camp time again and the International Ice Hockey Federation is pleased to announce its tenth Global Hockey Development Camp to be held at the Vierumäki Sport Institute in Vierumäki, Finland from the 2nd to 10th July 2011.

After the girl’s camp in 2010, this year’s camp is for boys born in 1996 and is operated by the IIHF in co-operation with the International Ice Hockey Centre of Excellence, the Vierumäki Sport Institute and the students from the Degree Program in Sports and Leisure Management.

More than 400 participants from 5 continents representing 50 nations will be taking advantage of this unique development and educational event for players, coaches, instructors, manager’s, administrators and directors.

The 2011 camp will feature programs for:

  1. Player Development
  2. Team Coach Development
  3. Team Manager Development
  4. Equipment Manager Development
  5. Game Officiating Development
  6. Development Workshop
  7. Learn to Play Instructor Development
  8. Goalkeeper Coach Development

All the programs are guided and lead by selected IIHF Mentors and Instructors.

A special program being held during the 2011 camp is the Skills Challenge Qualification Competition. Running between the 6th and 10th July this is the second stage of the Global Skills Challenge with qualified participants from 28 participating National Associations. On completion of this event the top 15 male and 15 female players will be determined and qualified to participate in the 2012 Youth Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck Austria during January 2012.

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