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Welcome to Chief Medical Officer Corner! This is the place to visit for news and information from the IIHF Medical Committee that all Chief Medical Officers and interested can view and use at their discretion.

You can find various current topics and research papers by clicking on the links below. If you have any information that you would like to be made available to the Chief Medical Officers and public, please email those to the IIHF office. All ideas are welcome and will be carefully considered by the IIHF Medical Committee.

We believe that by sharing each others’ experiences, we can make our sport safer for all.

Please email the IIHF office for further information or questions.

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Concussion Summits

Mayo Clinic’s Sports Medicine Center hosts a collaborative “Ice Hockey Summit: Action on Concussion” in Rochester, Minnesota. The first Summit took place 19-20 October 2010 with the next scheduled for 8-9 October 2013. The Summit is jointly sponsored by the International Ice Hockey Federation, USA Hockey, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, The Hockey Equipment Certification Council and supported by the Brian Mark Family Foundation.

The summit brings together top scientists, trainers, coaches, officials and manufacturers from across the United States and Canada to discuss concussion-related issues. These issues include the science of concussions, their impact, return to play guidelines, equipment manufacturing, rules and regulations such as body checking and the challenges of officiating and enforcement.

At the conclusion of the summit, participants will develop an “Action Plan: Integrating Action Items into the Strategic Plan” and a strategy to share the plan with the hockey community.

While the summit focuses on hockey, concussion-related topics will apply to all sports.

More information:
Action on Concussion Brochure (2010)
Action on Concussion Brochure (2013)
Rationale Collaborative Action
Website Concussion Summit

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