Corporate Identity

The IIHF logo as shown on this page is the master logo of the International Ice Hockey Federation and is the foundation of the IIHF brand. For this reason the IIHF Emblem has been registered to ensure legal protection against the unauthorised usage. To state the registration the Registered symbol (found in the lower right corner of the logo) will accompany the IIHF Emblem at all times.

The whole IIHF identity builds around the recognizable shape of an ice hockey rink. This distinct shape is the common visual element of all IIHF governed tournaments.
The organisers of the top division IIHF World Championships in each of the individual playing categories hereby get basic guidelines for the creation of their visual identities, ensuring a clear visual relationship with the remaining IIHF family. All other IIHF competitions have their own fixed logo, which will remain the same throughout the years.

To access the individual elements of the new IIHF brand identity as well the usage guidelines and event logos, please e-mail [email protected].


IIHF Logo & Event Logos:



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