MHC Martin wins Continental Cup
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5-4 loss against Rouen still enough for Slovaks to win title[more]

MHC Martin won the Continental Cup despite a 5-4 defeat against host Rouen. Photo: Stéphanie Ouvry
Rouen Dragons vs. MHC Martin 5-4 (2-1, 1-2, 2-1)

ROUEN, France – MHC Martin is the 2008-09 Continental Cup champion. Despite a 5-4 defeat against host Rouen, the Slovakian  club team won the Super Final weekend and claimed the crown.

With three teams tied... [more]

Thinel’s three keep dreams alive

Rouen to challenge Martin for Continental Cup on Sunday[more]

Rouen’s Cédric Custosse against Keramin player Sergei Drozd. Photo: Stéphanie Ouvry
ROUEN, France – The Rouen Dragons celebrated a 6-4 victory against Keramin Minsk after the Belarusians had held a 4-3 lead. The host will challenge MHC Martin for the tournament... [more]

Martin’s second step

Slovaks beat Bolzano in Continental Cup[more]

ROUEN, France – Slovakia’s MHC Martin is the only debutant in the Continental... [more]



Bolzano defeats host Rouen

Martin’s successful debut

The best of the rest

Bolzano and Keramin advance

Who’s going to Rouen?

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