The skating guru

Senators coach Power adds expertise to HPC[more]

Marc Power was brought into the High Performance Camp program to teach girls the fundamentals of skating in ice hockey and how they can be improved. Photos: David Chapman
SHEFFIELD – Rubber chickens, soccer balls, and parachutes, these are but a few of the unusual tools employed by skating coach Marc Power at the 2013 IIHF Women’s High Performance Camp.

Power is known amongst hockey circles as a top mentor and teacher when it comes to skating. Having... [more]

The other Crosby

NHLer’s little sister aiming high[more]

Taylor Crosby is currently attending the IIHF's Women's High Performance Camp. Photos: David Chapman
SHEFFIELD – If there is one thing that can be said about the Crosby family, its that they are a competitive bunch. Aside from Stanley Cup winning captain of the Pittsburgh... [more]

New Zealand’s hockey girl

Langford splits ice time in two hemispheres[more]

Born in New Zealand, raised in Canada: 2013 HPC strength coach Kiri Langford (right) wants a bright future for Kiwi hockey. Photo: Adam Steiss
SHEFFIELD – 2013 IIHF High Performance Camp strength coach Kiri Langford, who plays for a Canadian university and for the New Zealand women’s national team, gets to have two... [more]

Path of a Champion

Olympian panel shares insight at hockey camp[more]

SHEFFIELD – The 2013 IIHF Women’s High Performance Camp officially kicked off... [more]

Building an elite athlete

Women's High Performance Camp underway[more]

SHEFFIELD – Summer’s in full swing, but in an English city where the Stanley... [more]


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