Reindl re-elected

German Ice Hockey Association board continues


The board of the German Ice Hockey Association chaired by Franz Reindl (second from right) was re-elected on Saturday. Photo: DEB

The board of the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB) has been re-elected by the members on Saturday.

DEB President Franz Reindl was unanimously re-elected and Daniel Hopp, Berthold Wipfler and Marc Hindelang were confirmed as Vice Presidents.

It was the first assembly since the various stakeholders in German ice hockey reunited after 20 years and the professional clubs from the DEL and DEL2 were able to vote as part of the 120 participants present at the assembly.

“I’m happy about the unanimous re-election that commits for the future. In my four-year term we can look back at a positive outcome. The path we started we want to continue successfully in the future,” Reindl said.

“We are proud that can declare ourselves as financially healthy after these four years and we are happy about the record number of members.”

The assembly followed after the most successful ice hockey season for Germany in almost half a century as the German men’s national team won Olympic silver in February. The players and head coach Marco Sturm were named honorary members of the German Ice Hockey Association at the assembly and the retiring players Christian Ehrhoff, Marcel Goc and Patrick Reimer were honoured for their contributions to German ice hockey.





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