No clean hits to the head

Video: Preventing hits to the head and concussions

ZURICH – With the recent discussions about concussions and hits to the head, the IIHF considered it essential to communicate its very simple stance on the topic: There is no such thing as a clean hit to the head.

The IIHF rule on Checking to the Head & Neck Area (Rule 540) was adopted at the 2002 IIHF Annual Congress following research into the cause of concussions and their long term effects. This rule will be enforced during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

In the following video, René Fasel (IIHF President), Murray Costello (IIHF Vice-President, Chairman of the IIHF Medical Committee) and Dave Fitzpatrick (IIHF Sport Director) talk about hits to the head and examples of such hits and their consequences that need to be avoided.

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