Japan vs. Sweden 2-8 (0-3, 1-2, 1-3)

Swedish win in Erika Holst's 300th game

In the first game of Day Three in the IIHF Twelve Nations Invitational Series Tournament, Erika Holst played her 300th national team game as Sweden faced Japan. The game ended 8-2 in favour of the “damkronor”. Holst was presented with a commemorative jersey before the game with the number 300 on the back.

Sweden started the game strongly and took control of the game early in the first period. The strong start of Team Sweden forced Japan to take penalties against the quicker Swedish players.  Sweden took advantage of their power plays, scoring three out of as many power plays early into the game.

In the second period Sweden came out a little slower, allowing the Japanese to get several quality scoring chances. Although the Swedes scored first, Japan was able to register their first goal of the tournament. Sweden was able to gradually improve its performance, so the period ended with a 5-1 lead.

Again Sweden came out a little slow in the third, and Japan took advantage by scoring its second goal. The Swedes reacted with unanswered goals (including one from Erika Holst), ending the game 2-8.

Best players:
Sweden: Pernilla Winberg
Japan: Fuka Ishiura

Sweden / Grahn 5+6+6= 17
Japan  / Nakaoku 19+19+16= 54

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