Switzerland vs. USA 1-11 (1-8, 0-2, 0-1)

Team USA started strong, scoring right off the bat, but Switzerland was able to respond quickly.  The first period, however, ended 7-1 in favour of the Americans.

The second part of the game was a high tempo, hard fought period.  The game officials had to clamp down, and as a result both teams spent some time in the penalty box.  At the end of the second period Swiss goalie Sophie Anhtamatten had made 24 saves, while USA goalie had only needed to make 4.  The second period ended with a 10-1 score.

The flow of the third period was interrupted with many penalties as well, but Team USA was still able to score to goals for a clear 12-1 victory over Switzerland.

Best Players:
SUI – Sophie Anthamatten
USA – Meghan Duggan

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