USA vs. Russia 12-0 (4-0, 2-0, 6-0)

On the first day of the IIHF Twelve Nations Invitational Tournament Series Team USA earned a 12-0 victory over Russia.

The Americans came out strong in the first period and scored the game winning goal at 1:54.  Russia was hurt by their number of penalties taken as the U.S. continued to capitalize on their opportunities.  At the end of the period the score was 4-0 for Team USA.

Russia began to fight back in the second period as they managed to gain a few power play opportunities.  Both teams were fighting hard, creating a more evenly matched period.  Team USA pushed ahead, ending the period 6-0.

In the third period the Americans continued to play their game and were able to score three goals in the first five minutes of play. Russia began to look noticeably defeated.  Team USA was able to score another three goals, ending the game 12-0.

The USA breakouts were well played with crisp passes across the ice creating difficulties for the fore-checking Russian forwards.

Players of the Game:
USA: Hilary Knight
Russia: Alexandra Vafina

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