Kim Martin

Assigned to: Athlete Ambassador – Czech Republic

Team Sweden – 2000-2011 (National Team)

Medals won: Olympic Winter Games (2006 Silver, 2002 Bronze)…IIHF World Women’s Championship (2007 Bronze, 2005 Bronze)…European Championship (2006 Gold, 2005 Gold)

Awards: Best goalie at the Olympic 2006…Best goalie at the European Women’s Champions Cup 2005/2006…Eurosport awards 2002 and 2006…Best female hockey player in Sweden 2003/2004

Other Hockey Experience: Played for Tornado Moscow Region in 2011-12 and won the EWCC Championship…Played at University of Minnesota-Duluth 2006-2009 & 2010-11 and won NCAA Championship in 2008…SWISH Hockey School 2003-2010…Has played for 16 years to date

Personal Information: Recently graduated from University of Minnesota-Duluth and has returned home to Sweden to play for the 2012-13 season…Hometown Stockholm, Sweden

Why have you joined AMP? Because I like to try to help people/players to become better and share my experience with them. I love hockey and would like to keep being involved with hockey after the day I quit playing so this is a great opportunity for me.

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