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Print Media & Photographer accreditation for the 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship has ended.

Media Guide

Accredited photographers

MANDATORY PHOTOGRAPHERS' MEETING will be held at on Friday, May 4, starting from 10am local time in both Helsinki & Stockholm. All photographers are required to attend.

In the meeting LOC will cover general procedures and rules of conduct during the tournament as well as give out the bibs. The Meeting will be held in the Press Conference Area, both in Helsinki & Stockholm.

Skoda Best Picture Contest

Criteria for Media Accreditation

The application information for media accreditation will be distributed by he respective national ice hockey association to the following type of media only: (The media types are listed in order of priority)

1. National News Agencies (Example: Reuters, AP, CP, DPA, Itar-TASS, FNB, TT, STT)
2. National daily newspapers (Example: Die Welt, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Globe & Mail)
3. Major regional daily newspapers (Example: Göteborgs-Posten, Basler Zeitung, The Toronto Star, Turun Sanomat)
4. Major daily sport papers (Example: Sport-Express, Russia, La Gazzeta dello Sport)
5. Major sport or hockey weeklies (L’ Equipe, Sports-Illustrated, The Hockey News)
6. Major weekly magazine (Example: Der Spiegel, Newsweek)
7. Major sport or hockey websites (Example: ESPN.com, TSN.ca)
Note: No requests from applicants who write for websites which do not regularly cover sports or hockey will be approved. Please check out the AIPS criteria for online media.
8. Other magazines (economic, lifestyle, fashion). Only time-limited accreditations.

In general, one credential per media outlet will be approved. For national news agencies, national daily newspapers the general limit will be three and for major regional newspapers and major daily sport papers the general limit will be two accreditations. Considerations will be given to special requests.

Also special considerations will be given to media of the hosting country and to regional media from the hosting cities (In 2012, Helsinki & Stockholm and vicinity).

NOTE: Reporters and photographers from major international news agencies go on a special IIHF quota and not on any national quota. (Example: AP, Reuters, AFP).

Free-lance Journalists 

Since it is very difficult to control the validity of the increasing number of applications from free-lance journalists, the following rules will apply:

Further to the accreditation application, a free-lance journalist must submit the following documents to the responsible person at the national association:

1. Copy of a valid press card from a relevant press association (AIPS, national press association, national sports press association).
2. List of media outlets that the free-lancer will provide with stories, reports.
3. Written confirmation from the editor of the media outlet that has assigned the free-lancer to the IIHF World Championship.

In general, no application requests will be approved to free-lance journalists from the organizing country.

There will be no accreditations requests approved on site in Helsinki or Stockholm.

Contact Information

2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship / Media Department (Helsinki)
[email protected]

Elina Pennanen
Media Coordinator
[email protected]
+358 40 574 3345

Henna Malmberg
Communication Manager
[email protected]
+358 40 573 7572

IIHF Media Department 

Adam Steiss
Communications Manager
[email protected]   
+ 41 44 562 22 61



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