Third women’s camp

Vierumäki expects 270 participants from 36 countries

Location: Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumäki, Finland
Dates: 3-11 July 2010

The 2010 Women’s Hockey Development Camp will be held July 3-11 in Vierumäki, Finland. It will be the ninth HDC to be hosted by the Vierumäki Sports Institute and the third for women’s hockey. Around 270 participants from 36 countries and five continents are expected.

The partnership between the International Ice Hockey Federation and the Vierumäki Sport Institute goes back almost ten years. This year’s camp will be the seventh organized by the IIHF in the Finnish town.

On the 2010 agenda there will be programs for:

  • Players
  • Team Coaches
  • Team Equipment Managers
  • Team Managers
  • Game Officials
  • Referee Supervisor Trainees

Additionally there is a Leadership Program and a National Association think-tank for Sochi and beyond, both initiatives from the IIHF’s Women’s Committee. All Programs are conducted by selected IIHF Mentor Instructors.

Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management’ students and the International Ice Hockey Center of Excellence staff are an integral part of the organization and running of the camp.

Many of today’s Olympic and World Championship participants have had the Women’s Hockey Development camp as part of their education.

Former women’s camp participants include: Kim Martin (Swedish national team goalkeeper), Zhanna Shchelchkova, Aleksandra Vafina (Russian national team players), Noora Räty (Finnish national team goalkeeper), Florence Schelling (Swiss national team goalkeeper), Nikol Cupkova, Maria Herichova, Barbora Bremova (Slovak national team players) and Sandra Thalmann (Swiss national team player).


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