IIHF Camp Program

2018 IIHF Women’s High-Performance Camp

Location: Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumaki, Finland
Dates: 7-14 July 2018
Players: Female players born in 2001 or 2002



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This year's camp operated by the IIHF will be the 2018 IIHF Women’s High-Performance Camp, which will be held at the Vierumaki Sport Institute in Vierumaki, Finland from 7-14 July 2018 and will include other programs run during the camp.

Purpose and Goals of the Camp

The primary purpose of the 2018 IIHF HPC is to operate a program to educate the participants in the skills and training required to compete at the top level of international women’s hockey and to assist them in developing these necessary abilities. Through other development programs, the objective of the IIHF is to ensure efficient, purposeful and consistent leadership development of the game globally.

Each MNA is encouraged to use the information gained during this camp to improve the national programs which are operated within their nation. Following completion of the HPC, participants are expected to return home and share their experiences with their peers.

Further to this, the goals of the camp are to:

  • Develop the Partnership between the IIHF and Member National Associations
  • Educate the current leaders of women’s ice hockey
  • Develop the high performance Under-18 athletes from the Olympic-potential countries
  • Encourage Fair Play and Respect
  • Provide theoretical sessions and practical experience through various seminars, on-ice activities that will enhance the participants’ skill level
  • Develop networks amongst the women’s hockey family to share issues and find solutions
  • Provide personal growth and leadership development of all the participants
  • Promote international friendships and relations

The IIHF will operate the following Programs during the 2018 HPC:

  • High Performance Camp:
    • Player Development Program
    • Coach Development Program
    • Goaltending Coach Development Program
    • Video Coach Development Program
    • Team Manager Development Program
    • Equipment Manager Development Program
    • Strength and Conditioning Coach Development Program
    • Athletic Trainer Development Program
    • Nutritionist Development Program
  • Women’s Hockey Leadership Development Program
  • World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend Program
  • Women’s Officiating Summer Camp



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