Harrer launches new career

Goalie-turned-skater works with kids[more]

Viona Harrer, for once in a Finnish jersey the instructors wore, during a session for Finnish kids at the 2014 IIHF Hockey Development Camp.
VIERUMÄKI, Finland – 27-year-old Viona Harrer recently ended her career as a goalkeeper after her first Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014, eight World Championship participations (including Division I play) and 163 national team games for Germany to cut down on her playing career.

To... [more]

Developing initiatives

Administrators work with IIHF on new projects[more]

Former Romanian women’s national team captain Kinga Koncsag presents her project for a national women’s U16 tournament in Miercurea Ciuc. Photo: Martin Merk
VIERUMÄKI, Finland – For the second time in a row an Administrator’s Education Program was run during the 2014 IIHF Hockey Development Camp. 26 participants from 24 countries... [more]

Hopeful officials

Women from 15 countries aim at reffing in IIHF competitions[more]

Olympic gold medal game ref and new referee instructor Joy Tottman (middle) with two of the aspiring game officials at the 2014 IIHF Hockey Development Camp, Ainslie Gardner from Australia (left) and Jessica Brambilla from Italy (right). Photo: Martin Merk
VIERUMÄKI, Finland – The 2014 IIHF Hockey Development Camp also included a program with 21 game officials who hope to reach the international level – and a first-time referee... [more]

Divis’ new hockey career

Former Austrian national goalie teaches netminders, coaches[more]

VIERUMÄKI, Finland – He played in ten World Championships, two Olympics and 17... [more]

Running a team

South African women’s team manager in Finland[more]

VIERUMÄKI, Finland – South Africa is 32nd among the 38 women’s national teams... [more]

Let’s go, campers!

Vierumäki opens doors for women’s hockey[more]

VIERUMÄKI, Finland – Summer has reached Finland but that doesn’t mean a break... [more]



Singapore seeks growth

Introducing rule changes

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