IIHF Manual for Sustainable Events

The IIHF Social and Environment Committee, together with the Consulting Company BSD, has created a 30-page manual for sustainable events. The manual helps to identify simple steps that an ice hockey event can take to ensure a more sustainable event by presenting checklists, examples and links in the area of transportation, waste and littering, energy, procurement and access to social inclusion. Various examples from the IIHF, as well other organizers, deliver an insight into how sustainability can be considered in a sport event.

Because the organization of every event impacts the economy, environment and society, the efforts of event organizers can contribute to more sustainable development of our planet. In addition, service providers and the host / local region, can benefit from sustainable events in a number of ways, also exemplified in the manual.

IIHF President Dr Rene Fasel believes that it is the responsibility of the IIHF as well as its Member National Associations, stakeholders and Local Organizing Committees to review and recommend methods to lessen our negative social and environmental impact without adversely impacting the sport itself, whilst also preserving the standards for safety and competition that our events require. In addition, Dr Beate Grupp, IIHF Council Member and Chairwoman of the IIHF Social and Environment Committee, believes that because organizing a tournament takes a lot of work, many of the social and environmental measures outlined in the manual must be implemented with the hardship of organizing a tournament in mind, and therefore, the IIHF has created the manual, analyzing tournament organization and consequently presents ways where sustainability and environmental awareness can be preserved and / or improved.

The IIHF Member National Associations have been presented the manual at the 2015 IIHF Semi-Annual Congress and meanwhile the brochure has also been translated into Russian and can be found here:

Download the manual here: English / Russian

With this manual, the IIHF aims at making a small step towards a more responsible future.


Social Activities of the Russian Organizinig Committee of the 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. English / Russian

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