Who is your most valuable player?
Brent Burns (CAN)
Sergei Fedorov (RUS)
Mike Green (CAN)
Dany Heatley (CAN)
Tomas Kaberle (CZE)
Evgeni Nabokov (RUS)
Rick Nash (CAN)
Alexander Ovechkin (RUS)
Alexander Semin (RUS)

Zaugg: More ballet than murder

Canada and Russia both deserve a gold medal[more]

Two generations and one old clash. Canada's Rick Nash with former USSR goalie Vladislav Tretiak, now President of the Russian Hockey Federation. Photo: IIHF/HHoF/Jukka Rautio
QUEBEC CITY – Finally, the dream has come true. Canada will face the Russians in a World Championship gold medal game for the first time since this format was invented in 1992.

And for the first time since the 1992 Albertville Olympics, where Russia won gold, these two hockey superpowers... [more]

Rendezvous with Katyusha

How Quebec City’s Colisée became a “Kolizey”[more]

Quebec City Quebec CanadaRussian fan support in Quebec’s “Kolizey”. Photo: IIHF/HHoF/Matthew Manor
QUEBEC CITY – The heroes are back in town. After seven games in Halifax, Team Canada has an opportunity to play its two most important World Championship games in Quebec City. The... [more]

Zaugg: Canada’s socialist hockey values

Will talented Russia face team-oriented Canada for gold?[more]

Canada against the Soviets in the 1972 Summit Series. Photo: HHoF/Frank Prazak
QUEBEC CITY – It's time for a new clash of the titans. The last time that truly occurred was in 1987, 21 years ago.

The Russians, then known as the Soviets, played five... [more]

Zaugg: Last man standing

From the Stanley Cup to Switzerland, Paul DiPietro has led a unique hockey life[more]

QUEBEC CITY – If you’re a fan of Canadian hockey, you should come and watch... [more]

Raising the bar

Column: What’s the perfect number of teams for the World Championship?[more]

QUEBEC CITY – The relegation series are over, as Slovenia and Italy have been... [more]

Zaugg: A candidate for 2108

What makes Alexander Ovechkin the prototypical 21st-century forward?[more]

QUEBEC CITY – In a few days, the IIHF will name its Centennial All-Star Team,... [more]


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