2014 IIHF Women's Hockey Summit

Location: Vierumäki, Finland
Dates: 11-13 July 2014

The 2014 IIHF Women’s Hockey Summit follows the successful Women’s Hockey Think-Tank held back in 2010. The Program will consist of a complete review of the past, sharing ideas and information, suggestions on how to strategize the current Olympic cycle and beyond as well as other relevant information in addressing the continuous development of high performance in women’s hockey.

The Summit itself will be held in Vierumäki, Finland, 11-13 July. Friday, 11th July will be the arrival day with a kick-off and welcome dinner. Saturday and Sunday will be fully committed for classroom sessions with Monday being the departure of some of the attendees.

The 16 countries involved in the 2014 IIHF Women’s High Performance Camp were invited to attend with up to two participants: the person responsible for women’s hockey in addition to decision makers or coaches. This Summit will set the basis for the future of women’s ice hockey globally and also specifically for all participating nations. The assistance of the IIHF will be based on the plans and strategies designed and tailored to the development of women’s high performance in our game.


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