2014 IIHF High Performance Camp

Location: Vierumäki, Finland
Dates: 12-19 July 2014

The main goal of the IIHF High Performance Camp is to provide a one-week example of what an athlete needs to do and focus on to become an elite female hockey player. The HPC works with the players to teach what it takes, in all areas of training, to not only be a good player, but a hard-working elite athlete.

As well, a full support team from coaches to nutritionists are all brought together to demonstrate the resources these elite athletes need to provide to create the right environment for success on the international stage.

In 2011, the inaugural High Performance camp was held in Bratislava, Slovakia. It brought together some of the most skilled female players in the world at the Senior and Under-18 levels. It provided the first experience that many young athletes had to elite expectations both on and off the ice through fitness testing and comparison to top female hockey athletes in their age. It also featured intense practices and games, and a seminar program covering topics from injury recovery to being a leader on their team.

July 2012 saw the second IIHF HPC being held in Vierumäki, Finland for the best Under-18 female players and the addition of three new nations to the camp. The focus was on the technical skills side of the game, as well as nutrition, strength and conditioning. It featured a specific off-ice testing program that included instruction on the best techniques to use for training and test results and ratings. The 2012 HPC was held in conjunction with the Women’s Hockey Development Camp and offered the unique opportunity to see the progression of women’s ice hockey worldwide.

In 2013 over 180 participants from 18 nations met in Sheffield, Great Britain to participate in the 2013 HPC with the theme “From Sochi to PyeongChang”. The 2014 camp goes back to Vierumäki and will be held right after the 2014 IIHF Hockey Development Camp. It also includes a Women's Hockey Summit.

The 2014 camp will build on the success of camps held over the last three years being led by some of the top coaches, athletes, and administrators in women’s hockey as the camp staff. Once again there will be a strong focus on the technical skills side of the game, along with strength and conditioning, nutrition and team building. This year’s teams will be decided on site by the staff after the first day’s activities.


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