Centennial All-Star Team

May 2008 – Quebec, Canada

The Centennial All-Star Team is a key IIHF initiative during its 100th Anniversary. The panel voting for the IIHF Centennial All-Star Team consists of ice hockey experts from 15 countries representing a balance between North American and European countries and includes people who have worked in the game for an extended period and whose opinions are universally respected. The names of the 50 voters will be made public following the announcement of the Centennial All-Star Team.

The official induction of the Centennial All-Star Team will take place in combination with the final launch of the last 10 of the 100 Top Stories of international ice hockey in a formal reception during the 2008 IIHF World Championship. The All-Star Team be presented to a selected audience during a gala dinner, as well as to the fans during the peak of the 2008 World Championship.

The selections will have a major impact on recognizing the most successful players in the history of international ice hockey. One goaltender, two defensemen, two forwards, and one center will comprise the All-Star Team. No difference will be made between right or left defenders and right or left wingers.

The players selected must have had an outstanding playing career and significant impact in international ice hockey over a period of at least a decade. The players must have performed at the highest possible level (Olympics, the IIHF World Championship or the Canada Cup/World Cup tournaments).



100 top hockey stories of the century

As part of the IIHF's 100th anniversary celebrations, is featuring the 100 top international hockey stories from the past century (1908-2008). Starting now and continuing through the 2008 IIHF World Championships in Canada, we will bring you approximately three stories a week counting down from Number 100 to Number 11.


The Final Top 10 Countdown will be one of the highlights of the IIHF's Centennial Gala Evening in Quebec City on May 17, the day prior to the Gold Medal Game of the 2008 World Championship.


These are the criteria for inclusion on this list: First, the story has to have had a considerable influence on international hockey. Second, it has to have had either a major immediate impact or a long-lasting significance on the game. Third, although it doesn't necessarily have to be about top players, the story does have to pertain to the highest level of play, notably Olympics, World Championships, and the like. The story can be about a single moment — a goal, a great save, a referee's call — or about an historic event of longer duration — a game, series, tournament, or rule change.

For the list of stories to date, click here



100-Year Anniversary Book

Managing Editor Szymon Szemberg, General Editor Andrew PodnieksThe IIHF is producing a lavish coffee-table book to mark the occasion of the centennial of international hockey. Divided into three sections, it will provide a complete overview on the history of the game, 1908-2008.

Click here for more information about the book.



Follow-up IIHF anniversary book

Managing Editor Szymon Szemberg, General Editor Andrew Podnieks

100 stories that shaped the last 100 years of ice hockey. The IIHF has gathered those influential and historical moments in ice hockey that hit the headlines and united them in one big countdown. Some of those stories were retold, some were put into words for the first time.

After presenting 90 stories to ice hockey fans worlwide on from October 2007 – May 2008, and after the final ten stories have been released in a media event preceeding the Induction of the Centennial All-Star Team during the 2008 World Championships, all stories will be gathered and issued in a follow-up book.



Commemoration of Victoria Skating Rink

IIHF General Congress, May 2008 – Montreal, Canada

Opened on December 24, 1862, the famous Victoria Skating Rink hosted the first official organized ice hockey game on March 3, 1875.

The IIHF would not have the chance to celebrate 100 years of ice hockey, had there not been the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal. Students of McGill University held the first organized ice hockey game and placed the cornerstone for modern ice hockey, while cleared the path for foundation of the IIHF in 1908.

In recognition of this historic event, the IIHF will place a tangible, commemorative marker at the former location of the Victoria Skating Rink, which was closed and torn down in 1937. Steps have been taken to realize this intention in cooperation with the City of Montreal during the 2008 General Congress which is to be held at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, located only 100 metres away from the birthplace of modern, organized ice hockey.

In addition, the IIHF hopes to join forces in this project with the NHL, as several of the first Stanley Cups were played at the Victoria Skating Rink and also with the Montreal Canadiens, celebrating their centennial in 2009.



100-Year logo

The IIHF has created a special addition to its Corporate Design to bestow a festive, yet dignified look and feel to the 100 Year Anniversary Celebrations. During the 2007-2008 Season, this logo will to the greatest extent enhance the regular, traditional IIHF Corporate Design, to commemorate the Centennial of the founding of the IIHF at all events throughout the season.


The 100 Year Logo – This logo, as it incorporates the IIHF Logo, can be used to substitute the regular IIHF Logo.


The Graphic Elements – There are three basic graphic elements to the IIHF 100 Year logo. These can be used separately or in combination, depending on the nature of the event or the occasion.

The Basic Look – The Basic Look consists of traditional graphics taken from the IIHF Corporate Design, combined in new fashions, to yield a fresh yet traditional, dignified look.


The Special Look – For IIHF 100 Year festive events, a special iconic look was created. This can be seen at fan and kids' events and other special, fun occasions. Here, the IIHF 100 Year logo is incorporated into a stylized representation of the flags of the world, indicating the 65 IIHF member nations, in the 5 Olympic colours.


The Connection Look – The Basic Look and the Special Look are also combined to form a more colorful, festive version of the traditional IIHF Look. This look will be seen for example on IIHF World Championship rink-boards at all levels, from seniors, to Division III and IV, to women's to U20 and U18.

We encourage all IHF member associations and stakeholders to join in the IIHF 100 Year Anniversary Celebrations, by applying the IIHF 100 Year Look when generating the Look & Feel and decoration material for any IIHF events they host.



International Fan Appreciation Day

May 2008 – Halifax and Quebec, Canada

In cooperation with Hockey Canada, the IIHF will organize a fan appreciation day dedicated to all ice hockey fans during the 2008 World Championship. By creating long-lasting and memorable experiences for every fan, the IIHF wants to honour the people that have supported and contributed so much to the development and success of the game over the last decade.

The International Fan Appreciation Day will take place in the first week of May in Halifax and Quebec. Fan villages downtown and at game venues will turn into places that will create life-time experiences for all fans, strengthen their common bond and foster an international and positive atmosphere among the participants from all over the globe. What could be a better ground to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Ice Hockey Federation?



Triple Gold Club Induction

Winning the gold medal in the World Championship, the Olympic Games, and the Stanley Cup are incomparable achievements in modern ice hockey. There is an exclusive group of players that have earned the honour to belong to this famous Triple Gold Club

The current 19 Triple Gold Club Members represent four nations: Russia (6), Sweden (6), Canada (5) and the Czech Republic (2):

Click here for more information on this event.



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