During the IIHF centenary, the International Ice Hockey Federation will put up two exhibitions that will take visitors on a journey through 100 years of international ice hockey. The exhibitions will show the development of the sport and will present highlights of the last decade of global ice hockey. The realization of these projects has only been possible through excellent support and cooperation of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada, and the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Actual artefacts combined with generic equipment and souvenirs will represent as many events as possible and. The use of mannequins, statistics, graphics and multimedia will supplement the artefacts and each of the previously held events. Visitors will get the possibility compare vintage and modern equipment.

The intention is to coordinate exhibition contents with the contents of the official IIHF Centennial Book. The themes listed on the next page will be showcased in the exhibitions.


Exhibit & Showcase Themes

  • IIHF & Olympic History
  • Evolution of Equipment
  • Significant Events and Moments
  • Famous Personalities
  • Expansion & Growth of the Sport ­on the five Continents
  • IIHF Hall of Fame Members
  • Legends of the Game – Dynasties/Champions
  • Goalies
  • Comparison – International vs. North American
  • Ice Hockey Art Paintings and Sculptures, Select Pieces of Original Artwork


Olympic Museum, Lausanne
September 2008 – December 2008
On September 26, almost a year after the launch of the 100-year exhibition at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, a temporary exhibition about ice hockey will be opened at the IOC Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. Overall, 170 square meters will be allocated to the 100-Year exhibition.


Other events happening through this ice hockey weekend include The Hockey Hall of Fame Game on Saturday, Fan Forums on Saturday and Sunday, The Legends game on Sunday and the Induction on Monday, Nov. 12.


Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto
November 2007 – December 2008
The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto will host a temporary exhibition on 100 years of international ice hockey starting in fall 2007. The launch of the exhibition will go hand in hand with the annual Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Celebration. Friday, November 9, will be dedicated to the IIHF by officially launching the 100th anniversary display along with hosting a reception for the release of the IIHF Centennial Book.


Artefacts, equipment and artwork will be brought over from the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. The ceremony will be organized in conjunction with the 2008 IIHF Semi-Annual Congress and will include a guided tour of the Olympic museum followed by a gala dinner.



Arts & Culture

In 2008, the renowned contemporary Spanish artist Rosa Serra will produce a unique ice hockey sculpture which shall be erected at the IIHF headquarters.

Additionally, Ms Serra will create 100 facsimiles of the statue that can be found from 2008 on in the IIHF gardens. Ten of those 100 artefacts will be given away on special occasions as gifts or honorary recognitions, the other 90 will be available for purchase.

The Artist

Rosa Serra is one of Spain's most talented artists. She has created countless works devoted to sport. Her 'Olympic Suite' is a collection of 22 sculptures that were exhibited at the provisional Olympic Museum in 1987, and now belong to the IOC. Now she will contribute a special series of artefacts to the 100th anniversary of the IIHF.


By means of this special arts initiative the IIHF wishes to promote our sport in a different dimension that connects culture and sport as unique elements in our society.

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