Test your skills against the world

Details about the IIHF Skills Challenge

To involve children all over the world in the IIHFs 100th anniversary, the IIHF developed a concept of a world wide skills challenge for young male and female ice hockey players up to the age of 15 (1993 born). Test your Skills against the World! In 2007/2008, the IIHF will organise a worldwide skills test for young male and female ice hockey players born in 1993 or later. There are 5 tests for skaters and 3 for goalies. In every country, a national Skills Challenge Final will take place and the best two players (one boy, one girl) will be invited to the 2008 World Championships in Canada in May 2008. The worldwide tests, supported by the special Skills Challenge Website that will display global rankings of all participants, and the journey to Canada in May 2008 will be a life-time event for all young players!


The Skills Challenge Website
The Skills Challenge website is a tool for coaching and gives coaches and players the chance to upload their own test results through their own personal account at any time on the website. The online rankings on this website show various different rankings of all participating players.


IIHF Skills Challenge Manual
Check out the tests and find all other information on how to take part in the Skills Challenge in this document.

Take part!
If you want to take part as a player or coach, check, if your country has registered for the Skills Challenge (list of participating countries). If your country is not on the list and you still want to participate, please get in touch with your national association directly.

Practice the tests and find out more about your national final and what it takes to participate in this national contest in February 2008. You will get this information directly from your national association.

Win a Journey to the Skills Challenge Finals in Canada 2008
The two best players of every national Skills Challenge Final. The two best players (one boy, one girl) of these national contests will be invited to the international Skills Challenge Final during the first week of May at the 2008 World Championships in Canada. This event includes a sport and a cultural part such as specialty clinics on skating, puck control, shooting & scoring, breakaway & best save contests, a free skills camp for all participants as well as World Championship game attendance and practice observation, city and facility tours in Quebec and much more. If you want to know more about your national Skills Challenge Finals, please contact your national association directly.


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