Centennial Ice Rink at IIHF headquarters in Zurich

Ice Rink to be open for three months

Because the IIHF is based in Zurich and Switzerland is an IIHF founding member, it is important for the IIHF to involve Switzerland in the 100-year-celebrations.


As a result, a temporary ice rink (28 x 14 metres) was constructed in the garden of the IIHF headquarters in Zurich on November 29, 2007. It will be operated for three months from December 2007 through February 2008 and will be accessible to the public and host various events.


Events will be organised for all people that share a passion for ice hockey – the major goal is to involve, all age groups, all levels of proficiency, people from all backgrounds and both genders. Everybody is encouraged to come and play ice hockey at the IIHF Ice Rink.


Apart from the ice-surface, a tent will be put up to offer hospitality at certain events. Ice hockey equipment will be available for people who want to experience ice hockey, but do not own their own gear.



Official Kick-Off – November 29, 2007

The inauguration of the IIHF ice rink was on Thursday, November 29, at the IIHF headquarters in Zurich. Simultaneously, the IIHF kicked off the centennial ice hockey season 2007-08 with an exclusive media event.


Click here for an article about the Centennial Ice Rink opening ceremony.



IIHF Ice Hockey Star

The IIHF will hold an identical youth hockey skills competition for amateur players up to the age of 14 to be organized in Switzerland. The final round of this competition for boys and girls will be held at the IIHF Ice Rink. The two winners will join the finalists of the International Youth Hockey Skills challenge during their visit to Canada at the World Championships in May 2008. The IIHF Ice Hockey Star is organized in cooperation with Swiss Ice Hockey.

Check out the IIHF Ice Hockey Star on the website of Swiss Ice Hockey.

Overview of Activities held at the IIHF Rink

  • Regular Ice Times for Neighbouring Schools

  • Ice Times for Local Youth Ice Hockey Clubs

  • Youth Ice Hockey Camps

  • School Hockey & Student Tournaments

  • Youth Ice Hockey Days

  • Women's Ice Hockey Days

  • Family Days

  • VIP & Media Events

  • Staff Games

  • Company Tournaments

  • Other Events and Activities


Contact Information for Ice Time etc.

Kristina Koch
Tel. +41 44 562 22 72
E-Mail [email protected]



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